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Plastics Engineering Print Magazine
January 2009

Plastics Welding: The Choices Widen

The many ways to weld plastics include well-established technologies such as heat staking, hot-plate, ultrasonic and vibration welding, recently adopted methods like infrared and laser welding, and technologies looking for applications, such as microwave welding. You'd think that would be enough; you'd be wrong.

By Peter Mapleston

Self-Healing Materials

When developing structural materials, engineers must consider two fundamental design concepts: damage prevention and damage management. The latter forms the basis of self-healing materials and is also the foundation for material development in nature. The paradigm is based on the notion that the formation of damage is not problematic so long as a subsequent, autonomous process of "removing" or "healing" the damage counteracts it.

By Professor Sybrand van der Zwaag

On the Cover

Colors developed for containers made with high levels of post-consumer recycled polyolefin offer improved consumer appeal.

Clariant Masterbatches.


Environmental Sustainability Drives New Developments
The packaging industry is in the midst of a revolution, driven by increased demands for environmentally friendlier and sustainable packaging alternatives. New developments in materials and processes are leading to lighter containers and reduced packaging, improved recyclability, faster production cycles, and innovative new uses of renewable biobased resins.

By Richard Stewart

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